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QA Deluxe Whole House Fan

QA-Deluxe Fans use a state of the art spun aluminum fan housing, which is significantly stronger than those of a similar style that can weaken over time causing the fan blades to hit the side of the housing.

  • - ​Heavy-duty fan guard for rigidity and safety.

  • - Motor brackets with rubber bushings reduce noise & vibration.

  • - Sound absorbing, acoustic ducting for a quiet operation.

  • - Highly reliable permanent split capacitor motor with metal fan blade.

  • - High air flow grill allows 30% more airflow than standard grills.

  • - Damper box used in QA-Deluxe Fan systems does not require any framing.

  • - The damper is supported by heavy-duty metal brackets which keeps the damper off the drywall, unlike similar style dampers.

  • - QA-Deluxe Fan uses acoustical ductwork (also known as Quiet Flex) which is cloth-lined for a significantly quieter operation.

QA Deluxe Whole House Fans come in three different sizes. QA Deluxe 3300, QA Deluxe 5500, QA Deluxe 6500.

Learn more about the cost to install a QA Deluxe Whole House Fan https://www.myecoair.com/qa-deluxe

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