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Our Products- Best Whole House Fans

No Matter what your ventilation needs might be, we'll customize the perfect natural cooling solution for your home. We don't believe in the one fan fits all philosophy. That's why we sell the best Whole House Fan Product Lines on the market.

CentricAir Whole House Fans

Superior German Engineered Fan Modern, Ultra Quiet & Energy Efficient. ​Centric Air's German engineered brushless fan motor provides 30% more power and uses 1/3 less energy than other industry standard fans. These high efficiency fans are rated for 40,000 hours of operation and are made of composite materials with wing tip design for increased performance and efficiency, while reducing noise up to 3 decibels. The precision balanced, acoustically-designed fan blades offer an ultra-quiet operation. The quality of our Centric Air whole house fan is second to none and is the reason they've been called "The Mercedes of whole house fans."

German engineered sealed fan motor, rated for 40,000 hours of operation.

Five blade, acoustically designed, precision balanced fan with wingtips makes for an ultra quiet operation

Heavy-duty fan guard for rigidity and safety

Heat resistant and sound absorbing, acoustic ducting contributes to a quiet operation.

High air flow grill allows 30% more airflow than standard grills

R-5 insulated damper with support brackets keep the damper off drywall.

Optional R-10 or R-50 cold weather damper powered by a commercial actuator rated for 60,000 cycles

15-year fan motor warranty

Centric Air-That Fan Guy
Centric Air Whole House Fan

These fans are not the cheapest on the market, but, are second to none.

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QA Deluxe Whole House Fans

Durable and Reliable Energy Efficient Whole House Fan​These fans are built to last

Heavy Duty, Lightweight Spun Aluminum Fan Housing Riveted Rolled Metal Fan Housing Heavy Duty Fan Motor Mounting Brackets With Rubber Bushings Reduces Noise & Vibration Motor Mounting Brackets Without Rubber Bushings Heavy Duty Support Brackets Keeps Damper Box Off Drywall Heavy Duty Fan Guard For Rigidity and Safety Half Horsepower Permanent Split Capacitor Motor

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Quiet Cool Fans          

Quiet Cool Whole House Fans are whisper quiet, innovative, ducted Whole House Fans. The patented ducted design allows the system to suspend in the attic, which greatly reduces noise and vibration. With over a 98% Customer Satisfaction, clients are very happy with this effective method of cooling your home. QuietCool Fans are made just down the freeway in Temecula, CA! As an authorized installer of QuietCool Fans, we are experts at installing and configuring the perfect set up of these amazing fans.​Quiet Cool stands behind their fans with a 15 year warranty.

We would love to talk to you about the many benefits of owning a Whole House Fan. Please feel free to call if you have any questions about type, size, how does it work, will it work for my home, etc.? We can help you size a fan for your home and give you a no hassle, upfront quote. Our pricing is fair and our workmanship is superb.

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